The Difference Between Nerd, Dork, and Geek Explained by a Venn Diagram


Geek Venn Diagram

Although I have seen this one before, one of our astute readers sent this in from Great White Snark.  It is a Venn diagram showing the difference between geeks, dorks and nerds.  A light-hearted laugh for an overcast, grey day.


  1. Frank Fiore says:

    The Urban Dictionary defines nerd as ‘One whose IQ exceeds his weight’.

  2. David Michie says:

    And here I was thinking the terms were interchangeable. Thank you, Trapdoor Books, for this invaluable education!

  3. Norman LaFave says:

    The symmetry of it is stunning (says the nerd). hehe

  4. Sue Campbell says:

    That’s pretty funny. And true.

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