About Us

Trapdoor Books is an imprint of Trapdoor Technologies.

We are an emerging small press located in Lyons, Colorado. We publish, print and sell geek fiction books. Our philosophy is that some of the best writers in the world are unpublished and waiting to be discovered and the fiction publishing industry can use a fresh injection of new authors and ideas.

The emergence of small presses, such as Trapdoor Books, is enabled by advances in technology which have driven high-quality printing costs down and provided low-cost distribution of electronic and non-traditional formats. These advances have enabled focused, niche presses to compete effectively with the established, major publishers. Unlike movies with average production costs around $65M, the modest cost of publishing books makes it a logical starting place for a cultural and literary metamorphosis driven by the demand of an emerging class of readers. Trapdoor Books believes that by giving a new voice to authors without imposing overtly commercial constraints on their work, the stranglehold of formulaic writing can be broken and the world of fiction, along with the real world, can provide a better and more rewarding experience for all of us.

What makes Trapdoor Books different? Community and Discovery. In an age where blogging about your breakfast reaches hundreds of your friends, manufactured corporate isolation between authors and readers seems an anachronism. We embrace the community with a common forum for discussing, well, anything. Think of it as a virtual book club, sitting down to chat with your favorite authors and peers about what you love – the hottest new book, your newest gadget, or technology that will save the world. All books that get published by the major houses are not bad, but we believe that many, many great authors need a forum to have their voices heard. Trapdoor Books provides that opportunity. We call it discovery. If we can discover one great author who makes the world a better place, then our mission will be accomplished.

An important note about Trapdoor Books: We do not provide literary agency services, editing services, for-fee-publications, vanity publishing services, vanity anthology services, critiques, marketability analyses, awards banquet scams, etc. In other words, Trapdoor Books is a traditional publisher – period. For any author we select for publication, we pay real cash advances and a real percentage of sales. Additionally, Trapdoor Books respects your privacy and will never provide your name or access to your manuscripts to other companies.

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