Book One of Metropolis Fallen

by Norman LaFave
396 pages
1st Edition
March 2011

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By 2088, genetic engineering and nanotechnology have merged to create a near Elysian existence. Mankind is on the brink of immortality – disease, famine and pollution have been eradicated using this new technology – with seemingly magical results.

Behind this perfect mask, however, lurks a hidden threat – revealed by puzzling, apparently random tragedies. Chicago Police Inspector Robert Nazio and the brilliant Greg Gilroy, an anarchist and master hacker, find themselves thrown together at the center of an international crisis filled with twists, turns and technology gone awry.

Assembling a super team of intelligence experts, the investigation quickly evolves into a race to save the Earth from a diabolical threat that seems to be everywhere at once – infiltrating governments, corporations and research laboratories seemingly at will. Nazio and Gilroy’s only hope seems to lie in two Renaissance Festival throwbacks – illusionists who have magic of their own.

With paradise collapsing, who will win the battle – technology or magic?

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